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* Chronic
* Chronic
* Health Maintenance Concept
* Health Maintenance Concept
* <blank>
* <leaving the field blank is an option as well>

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Why do Problems automaticallydefault to Chronic or Acute?

For the most part, all problems are delivered defaulting to Chronic. This is because different problems are chronic or acute to different specialties, what may be a chronic problem to Internal Medicine, might be Acute to Orthopedics. I say for the most part, because the only problems that come with the default of acute are problems with the word 'acute' in them. Pretty much everything else will be delivered with the default of Chronic. If modifying the defaults for an individual user, be sure to change their list to 'My Favorites' in the ACI. Otherwise the Specialty favorites will be used for Problem type. The quickest way to recognize if a problem is listed as chronic, acute or health maintenance is selecting it and noting where it appears in the Active problem list in the ACI.

TW Admin approach

You can change this default, either for the user favorites or for the master favorites. To do this via TWAdmin follow these instructions.

  1. Phys Admin Tool
  2. Patient History Favorites
  3. Choose either Master or Personal Favorites
  4. Find the problem you would like to set the default for
  5. Click 'Type' (Problem Type Box appears)
  6. Set the desired default
  7. Hit OK

SSMT approach

The extract "Favorites: Patient Hx - Active Problems" can be loaded for an individual user (column A) OR specialty (column D). In column H, ProblemType can be defaulted. Values are restricted to:

  • Acute
  • Chronic
  • Health Maintenance Concept
  • <leaving the field blank is an option as well>