-196: There is no data sent in the Text. Please submit a Webfirst Ticket.

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This is indicative of the TranscribedText field of the FileDOCWORKSTranscription stored procedure call being blank - essentially filing an empty document.

Common Scenario

Often times a the interface mapping makes use of a script for dictation markers to convert rich text format (RTF) to ascii as dictation markers need to have all formatting stripped. If the script is erring or returning a empty string, than this could cause the issue.

Base Stored Procedure



If a script is utilized in the mapping to the TranscribedText parameter of FileDOCWORKSTranscription, the script can be tested by pulling it into notepad and saving as a .vbs extension. Take out the function name and end function and set the input variable to a constant.

On Error Resume Next
Dim oRTF 
Set oRTF = CreateObject("AHSRTFUtility.RTFObject") 
oRTF.Value = RTFText
ConvertRTFtoASCII= oRTF.Text


Also, ensure that the AHSRTUtility.dll is registered

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