-603: Unable to identify QO Classification DE from alternate identifier

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The value in AltQOClassificationIn may not be in the orderitem_identifier table in the Works database.

Base Stored Procedure



Check the orderitem_identifier table in Touchworks. Does the AltQOClassificationIn code exist in that table (EntryCode or EntryMnemonic)? If so, what QOClassDE does it go to? Is the ReqPerfLocDE code value (look this up in req_perf_location_de table) for that AltQoClassificationIn code in the orderitem_identifier table equal to the reqperflocationin field sent in that fileresult call? The match on order code for the order identifiers section is on the altqoclassificationin and reqperflocationin, then it finds a corresponding QOClassDE which exists in the item master.

If the AltQOClassificationIn code does not exist in the orderitem_identifier, then it needs to added via the Order Admin page in TWAdmin.

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