-606: Error: Unable to file result. More than one result activity header per order.

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This is new error to V11.1.6 and up. It is typically indicative of the vendor sending the same result with accession number A the first time, and accession number B the second time.

Common Scenario(s)

  • Electronic order was resulted manually.
  • The result is already in Touchworks with same order number but different accession number. The vendor either needs to resend the result with the original accession number or else file the result via SQL and take out the ordernumberext in the Fileresult call. This will file the new accession number as its own result (unsolicited).
  • This error can also be received due to the vendor sending the wrong requisition number with a new accession number for a non-addon test.
  • This error can manifest due to a change in the interfacesourceid for the result interface (such as on accident via upgrade).

Base Stored Procedure



The vendor (lab) needs to be consistent when returning results. There should only ever be one accession number (populated in OBR-3) per requisition number (populated in OBR-2).

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