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When you upgrade from v10 to v11, the v10 Chart HTB items are automatically removed and replaced with the Clinical Desktop. Worklist has been added to both the Chart VTB and the Tasks VTB.


The three new menu items that need to be added that meet Meaningful Use Requirements are:


  • Remove the patient worklist from Chart and Task VTB. The preferred method is to navigate to worklist from the clinical desktop. This brings all of the patient information into context when working items from the worklist. After working items from the worklist, the provider can automatically navigate to the next item that needs to be worked.
  • If you have a design reason for using the Worklist Tab, then add the worklist tab to the workplace for that role. (i.e. if an infusion clinic is using the cross patient worklist to work medication administration orders)
  • Creating a Physician Workspace with only one VTB item gives the Physician the full screen to work on.

How to hide VTB by default.jpg

Important After load of Menus- recycle IIS-

go to Start Run type in "services.msc" hit OK Find IIS Admin Service Click restart Click Yes to restart these services

Login post recycle of IIS and check Menus are correct.

Allscripts Referral Network

The ARN uses an Event Bus in order for Allscripts providers to send and receive referrals between EHRs. Any provider using the Allscripts EHR can send a referral to another provider using an Allscripts EHR.

1. Define which menus the ARN should be added to

Note: the ARN is designed for referring providers only and Allscripts recommends that ordering providers have this. However, discuss who is entering referrals in your clients’ current system and give those users the ARN tab.

2. From TWAdmin select the Admin VTB

3. Select menus

4. Select the correct menu you want to add this VTB to (i.e. twprovider_VTB)

5. Search for “ARCommunity”

Stimulus Reporting Tool

The Stimulus Reporting Tool uses a portal to send stimulus incentive reports. The Reporting tool is used by EPs (Eligible Providers) to generate, view, and send their reports in order to receive stimulus incentives.

Note: Think about security and who should have access to viewing these reports. Allscripts recommends providers, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants as EPs with possibility of residents and fellows.

1. Log into TWAdmin and select Admin from the VTB

2. Select the appropriate menu this VTB will be added to

3. Search for “stimulusreport” and add this

Stimulus Reporting Admin Tool

This VTB is designed to be added to the menu VTB of those administrators who will be monitoring the stimulus reporting. These people can view any stimulus report within their organization.

1. Log into TWAdmin select the Admin VTB

2. Select Menus and the appropriate menu VTB you want to add this too

3. Search “stimulusadmin”

Note: For more information on menu building: Editing and Building Menus

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