11.2 Immunization Registry Update MVX Codes

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MVX (Manufacturers of Vaccines) codes are a way for the manufacturers of immunizations to be identified. MVX codes need to be provided when submitting to state immunization registries for both current and historical information. When an MVX code is paired with a CVX code the specific trade name can be identified. This serves the purpose of identifying patients who may have been given an immunization that, for some reason, was not effective. This also populates the trade name rather than a generic name. Those referring to the record for patient information will not need to research the generic name and know right away what immunization was administered. For immunizations pre-defined and delivered by Allscripts or Medispan the MVX code will already be mapped to the appropriate immunization. For those not delivered by Allscripts or Medispan this code will need to be mapped to the correct immunization in order to achieve meaningful use criteria and receive incentives for using immunization registries.

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