11.2 User Management Portal: Set up Users and Providers in UMP

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NOTE: As of 10/6/11 The instructions for configuring the UMP are being revised by AHS in an effort to simplify the process. First note the following:

  • 1. Providers should NEVER be manually entered directly into the UMP. If there are missing providers, contact AHS to have those added
  • 2. The "ACTION LOGIN" must be used to configure the UMP.
  • 3. Department, specialty, sites and users are not necessary to set up and actually won’t provide any value if they are set up.
  • 4. Only set up Organizations, Practices and Providers.
  • 5. If using a non- IE web browser, note that some functionality may be lost with the UMP (e.g. When using Firefox and attempting to add measures to individual providers, all measures might automatically check )
  • 6. Do not attempt to configure until the ETL process is COMPLETED
  • 7. Never change the CQS integration Options
  • 8. Never change anything under customer system properties

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