11.x to 11.2 V11 Note Patient Summary

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Allscripts is now offering three ways to provide a clinical summary to the patient.

1. The delivered document type/output of "patient summary" can be checked as the clinical summary. If this document has not been delivered by Allscripts, then such a document type can manually be created in the Document Type Dictionary. Using this document type would provide for an associated manual workflow of mailing to patient at his/her request OR the output can be printed at the time of the patient visit and handed to the patient at the time of checkout. This can be used for V10 and V11 notes.

2. A CED type document may also be used. This document contains more information than the RTF and is patient centric.

3. An RTF type document can be used in later Versions of 11.2. It is visit centric and semi-configurable unlike the CED type document.

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