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There are several reporting options within the Allscripts EHR - standard, add-ons and custom built options.

EHR Reports

These reports are found in the EHR, under the Reports VTB. There is a suite of pre-built reports offered by Allscripts, and Custom reports may be added to the Custom Folder here. Custom Reports require SQL programming and Crystal Report development.

Scheduling EHR Reports

The built-in reports, and any customized reports on the Reports screen do not have scheduling options - say to run the report nightly at 2am. There is; however, the ability to create SQL Jobs to run report queries on a regular schedule. The output of these queries can be sent via e-mail as comma-separated value (CSV) files, which can be opened through Excel. This all does require some SQL programming, and setup of Database Mail (SQL Server 2005+) or SQL Mail (SQL Server 2000). You must take into serious consideration whether reports containing any patient data should be emailed.

EHR Print Forms

Often times Custom Print Forms from the EHR, like the Schedule, Results or Worksheet print forms are referred to as reports. These do use Crystal Reports to show the information. You can add customized Custom Print Forms to the AE EHR.

EHR Panel Query

Panel Query enables users to query a variety of patient data and log the patients that meet the query's criteria to a patient list. These queries are scheduled - you determine the time that they run. Panel Query, as with many reports, can cause a performance hit to the EHR database. As such, we recommened that Panel Queries be scheduled to run when users are not on the system. You also have the option of configuring Panel Query to point to a copy of your production database. Read more about this on our blog.

Allscripts ETL

The ETL that Allscripts offers creates a reporting database, based on the EHR database. It can be updated nightly or weekly from the EHR database and has many of the data elements found in the EHR. The format of the tables in the ETL database is more de-normalized, allowing for easier querying of information.

Allscripts Analytics

Analytics is the combination of the ETL and the Precision.BI business intelligence product. It provides a graphical interface to write reports of various types and schedule those reports to run and be distributed on a regular basis.