Accessing Allscripts Delivery Center

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The Allscripts Delivery Center is a client portal resource for the v11-v11.2 upgrade. Through this portal, the client PPL (Practice Project Lead), which is the Project Manager in most cases, will see a high level view of the work effort involved in the upgrade process. This includes the status, owner, and due date of the milestone tasks of the project.

The second function of the delivery center is to provide an avenue to enroll users in the eLearnings. If clients are unaware, the v11-v11.2 Enterprise EHR upgrade includes 5 free seats enrolled in the eLearning courses. Through the delivery center, the client can view how many seats they currently have enrolled. Clients who wish to purchase additional education seats should contact their Allscripts Customer Sales Executive). Once a client has enrolled their 5 users, they will be able to track the progress of the eLearnings for their users.

In order to get set up in the Allscripts Delivery Center, the Galen Project Manager must initially register the client PPL in the system. If the PM for the upgrade has not contacted the client lead for confirmation of this registration, the client lead may reach out to the PM to get this process started.

To access the Allscripts Delivery Center navigate here: