Adding Comment Box to Vital Sign View

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1. Log into TWAdmin or a user with system admin preferences.

2. Select Dictionaries from the VTB.

3. Choose Resultable Item from the dictionary picklist.

4. Click Add at the lower left hand corner of the screen.

5. Create the Resultable Item for comment by creating a Entry Code, Entry Name, and Entry Mnemonic .

Example below: Created the resultable item named “Comment”.

Comment box1.jpg

6. Click Save.

7. In the section titled Detail 1 enter the Display Name.

Example: Comment

8.In the drop down box Answer Data Type select Text

Comment box2.jpg

9. Click Save

10. Switch to the Orderable Item Dictionary

11. Click Add

12. Enter the Entry Code, Entry Name, and Entry Mnemonic

Example: Comment

Comment box3.jpg

13. Click Save.

14. In the section Initial fill in the information:

  Display name: Comment
  Orderable Box: Checked
  Orderable Via: User or Interface
  OID Mode: Active
  Order Type: Clinical Findings

Comment box4.jpg

15. In the section click the RID Select Hyperlink.

Comment box5.jpg

16. Enter the RID name you just created.

17. Click the binoculars.

18. Select the RID you created and use the down arrow to link the two.

Comment box6.jpg

19. Click OK.

  Resultable Via: User or Interface.

Comment box7.jpg

20. Click Save.

21. Still from within the OID search for the Vitals View you want to add a comment box to.

22. Click the Vitals View you want to add the comment box to.

Comment box8.jpg

In the section Child Orders click the OID Hyperlink.

Comment box9.jpg

23. Search the Comment OID you created.

24. Click the binoculars.

25. Use the down area to add the OID to this panel.

Comment box10.jpg

26. Click OK.

27. Click Save.

PLEASE NOTE: If a user documents that a patient refuses weight in this manner, the MU weight alert on the encounter summary will not auto-resolve. The workflow for this alert will need to be reviewed.

MU Weight Alert.jpg