Allscripts Win2PDF Integration

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The Allscripts Enterprise EHR currently allows the use of Win2PDF as a printer. This way, you can print information in the EHR out to PDF, rather than to a physical printer.

Configuring the PDF location

Once Win2PDF is installed and setup within the Allscripts print server, you may update the location where files are posted.

  • Confirm that the service for printing is running as a local or domain user - not LocalSystem, Network Service, etc
    • Note: best practices suggest a domain account should be used, despite the local account shown in the screenshot below:
TWCSSSpooler - User.jpg
  • On your print server, open Administrative Tools -> Services. View the Log On As for TWCSSSpooler:
  • Login to the machine as the "Log On As" user
  • Open Registry Editor
  • Open the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Dane Prairie Systems\
  • You will see one entry for each Win2PDF printer you have installed
  • Edit the DefaultPath key
  • Change the value to what you'd like - ensure that it ends with a slash, e.g. "C:\PDFs\" or "\\FileServer\PDFShare\", rather than "C:\PDFs" or "\\FileServer\PDFShare".
    • If using a network location, please make sure the Log On As user for TWCSSSpooler can write files to that location
Win2PDF - DefaultPath.jpg
  • Print a test page