Analytics Practice Problems

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This page contains practice report ideas. These problems may mimic actual report requests or may just be exercises in building searches, worksheets, and crosstabs.


  • Consider status fields for most searches. What types of status make sense to include?
  • Build searches in pieces.
  • Plan each part of the report before building. How will data be displayed? How will data be sorted?


  • All patients with an encounter in the past month in which some type of diabetes was diagnosed during the encounter.
  • Count of patients who have a smoking problem, sorted by provider. Provide a list of names, ages, sexes, and PCPs for patients of one provider.
  • All patients who received an influenza immunization in the past 6 months, the immunization company, the provider who administered it, and the date of administration.
  • Diabetics with the most recent A1C test value above 10, between 8 and 10, and below 8. Show each group as a percentage of total diabetics.
  • List patients who actively take aspirin more than once per day.
  • Hypertensive patients whose most recent blood pressure is above 150/100.
  • Vital signs for patients who have had an appointment in the past 3 months.
  • All active medications prescribed as schedule 3 controlled substances in the past two years, sorted by prescribing provider. Determine the number of unique patients receiving these drugs and whether any particular patient received more than 50% from any given provider.
  • All patients who have had more than two encounters in Family Medicine in the past year. Show the patient name, PCP, attending provider, and appointment location and date.