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Note that when using CMT to move note templates, the tool will move not only the note template, but also the associated document types, output templates and noteforms within the body of the note template. One point to mention is that it is very important to enter a description in the description field of each new note template as this is the field that shows up when attempting to locate notes in CMT, along with the name of the specialties assigned to that particular template.


Troubleshooting Errors

  • One of the more common errors associated with using CMT to move note templates is an error that is due to the naming of a delivered template versus what is located in the document type dictionary. The most common example of this pertains to Post Op document types that may be labeled as "PO", while the associated note templates are labeled as "post op". If this error is encountered, the easiest way to fix it is to spell out the full name as "post op" in the document type dictionary and then attempt to move the template again.
  • Another common error relates to trying to move too many note templates at once. The rule of thumb is to not move more than ten at a time, although in some case it is possible to move more than ten. So, if CMT throws and error, consider trying to move one template before moving up to ten.
  • The third error that has been encountered pertains to using an incorrect version of CMT. In this situation, it appears to move note templates, however nothing actually moves. The fix for this issue is to ensure the appropriate version of CMT is installed.