Changes to v11.2. Note

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11.2 enhancements for v11 note:

  • Text templates can be configured to appear in output without being pushed or applied
  • Added ability to show/hide specific expanded details for a specific item
  • Modified expanded details in problem component to only show description text
  • Ability to “clear” a sub-form data
  • Spell check in form admin to check for spelling errors in display name, positive text, and negative text
  • Sub-form and parent form queries – you can list all the sub-forms that are linked to parent forms, or if you are looking at a sub-form you can view the parent forms it appears in
  • Additional auditing columns in note admin (created by, date created, modified by, and date modified)
  • 57 defects fixed in note rendering code, improved documentation of rendering logic, and increased test-cast coverage
  • If a provider closes or X out of a note warning messages are now in synch to save note
  • Database changes to enhance how Medcinfindings controls in noteforms can be reported on (e.g.display name, note section, +/- rendering)
  • Added new merge fields to print templates (docsite, provider field, site/org logo)
  • When an end user searches for a form in the Form Dictionary, the specialty is now defaulted, per the end users specialty, so that person must remember to unselect the specialty to see all published forms in the dictionary for the note section in question.
  • When search for forms, every time a new search is initiated, the binoculars must be selected in order to start the search, whereas pushing the "ENTER" used to work and no longer does.
  • Note output formatting – consistent indentation of sections, noteforms, and cited lists; consistent spacing between sections and data in sections; formatting must work (e.g. font, color, bold); formatting of grids and tables to display data better
  • Ability to display vitals in delimited in output
  • Free text entered within text entry fields in note forms retain their formatting such as new lines, bullets, numbering, etc, when viewed in the accumulator