Charge Set Up Checklist

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1. Dictionaries - Match with Practice Management System Dictionaries

a. ICD9

b. Charge Code

c. CPT4 Modifier

d. Billing Location

e. Billing Area

f. Division

g. Encounter Type

h. Insurance Class

2. Differentiate Office Charges from Procedure Charges

3. Validation of Provider Set Up

a. All providers are “Schedulable”

b. All provider are “Billing Providers”

4. Validate Groups (Specialties) are all accounted for and listed correctly

5. Map Providers

a. Map Billing Location

b. Map Billing Area

c. Map Division

6. Determine and Set Enterprise Preference Settings

7. Identify and Set Charge User Preferences

8. Determine and set Compliance Code Set Up

9. Determine and set Charge Additional Information Set Up (Situational Data Elements)

10. Determine Charge Task Assignments (Do any need to be set as delegated?)

11. Set OID items for charge when?

a. Orders

b. Administration

12. Determine Use of Configurable Text Fields

13. Determine need and user of Compliance Codes then set up

14. Set Properties within notes that are going to use E/M coder (if any)

15. Determine Use of Patient List & Set Up

a. Hospitalist – rounds?

b. Surgery Charges

c. Provider rounds

16. Set up Charge Sub-Groups (from current charge tickets)

a. Diagnosis Sub-groups

b. Visit Charges Sub-groups

c. Procedure Sub-groups

d. Orderable Items Sub-groups

17. Charge Exploding Sets

18. Manage Groups - Assign users to groups

19. Modifier Groups - Assign CPT4 modifiers to groups

20. Charge User Favorites

a. Diagnosis Codes

b. Visit Charges

c. Procedure Charges

21. Special Billing Edits (Injury Type) - IDX/Flowcast Clients Only