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  • When adding new noteform sections to the noteform section dictionary, make sure that the clinical order number is unique and not used in relation to another noteform section. This is likely to prevent the newly created noteform section from being used in the note template.
  • When adding new noteform sections to the noteform section dictionary, make sure to manually add that same section in other environments PRIOR to using CMT to move the note templates. This will prevent errors from occurring in the new sections.
  • Displaying vitals as "list" may be more helpful to the patient because the blood pressure will show as "blood pressure", instead of displaying as "grid", which shows the blood pressure as "systolic" and "diastolic".
  • Don't hide the list header for vitals because the date and time the vitals were taken will NOT show up on the output. This is particularly important when more than one set of vital signs have been taken during an appointment encounter.
  • Adding new note sections to an input template that has previously been saved will cause the section name to show up in italics. This is a helpful reminder to make sure the newly added section is added to the output when applicable.
  • When using note templates for multiple different specialties, it is helpful to create a "note vitals panel" for all note templates so that no matter which vitals panel is being used by a given specialty, the pertinent vitals will still show up in the notes.
  • One way to set up the Assessment and Plan sections of the note output is to show "details" in each section, unhide the list header under the "Plan" section, number the "Assessment" and bullet the "Plan". This will ensure that the Plan is clean and aesthetically pleasing.
  • When working in Note Admin, the addition of the "clinical desktop" to the Note Admin horizontal toolbar can be a good to way minimize clicks so that notes can be tested from Note Admin.