Client Upgrade Resources & Responsibilities

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Below are specific roles and responsibilities that need to be accounted for by the client organization prior to beginning the upgrade process. These may be FTE or contracted resources, but it is the client's responsibility to ensure the duties will be resourced.

Client Project Manager (1 FTE - 100%)

    *Oversee and coordinate all aspects of the upgrade project and it's deliverables ensuring a high quality upgrade
*Actively participate in upgrade planning and analysis to determin dates/times and resources
*Execute client upgrade tasks and activities as outlined and delegated in project plan
*Communicate all activities of the upgrade to Allscripts Project Manager
*Coordinate and assist Trainer with identifying end-user support /education needs (i.e. coordinating scheduling)
*Facilitate all workflows are documented for v10 and v11
*Confirm all test plans are developed for testing
*Perform process, policy, and procedure definition
*Develop Productive Use/Upgrade to live plan in conjunction with Allscripts.
*Acceptance of upgrade to test and live (sign off on CCF)
*Act as primary client contact to Allscripts during the upgrade period
*Facilitate decision making within your organization
*Facilitates communication across departmental project teams and end users