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This page contains instructions on how to make individual log-ins for users for ConnectR. This is if your organization does not want to utilize shared log-ins for the application. FOR EXPERIENCED DBAs ONLY!!!!! Use at your own risk! Please contact a member of the Galen Technical Services team if you require assistance.


ConnectR Steps

  1. Log into ConnectR using credentials.
  2. Click Admin on the left.
  3. Click User Profile.
  4. In the User Name drop-down, ensure the user you want to create does not already exist.
  5. If they do, then troubleshoot the reason why they cannot log in.
  6. Click File -> New. The New User Dialog will appear.
  7. Enter the desired username. Click OK.
  8. Click Yes to copy from an existing definition.
  9. Select the user you want to copy from in the drop-down box that appears. Click OK.
  10. Click Save to save the new user.
  11. Log out of ConnectR.

SQL Steps

  1. Log in to SQL server management studio on the ConnectR server as an administrator
  2. Expand Security.
  3. Expand Logins.
  4. Ensure the desired user does not already have a username.
    1. If they do, skip to step
  5. Right-click Logins and select New login…
  6. Enter the desired username.
  7. Select SQL Server authentication and input the credentials twice.
  8. Uncheck enforce credentials policy.
  9. Change the default database to ConnectR.
  10. On the User Mapping page, ensure the Map box is checked for ConnectR and master.
  11. Ensure both ConnectR and master have default schema set to dbo.
  12. Under ConnectR, ensure ConnectR_User, db_owner, and public are checked.
  13. Under master, ensure db_owner and public are checked.


  • Open ConnectR using the new user and verify access.


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