ConnectR VBScript Error

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Receiving the following error when trying to edit or save a mapping within the ConnectR UI: (507-16)[Microsoft VBScript runtime error] An exception occured.
ConnectR VBScript Error.jpg


Review the app pool settings and ensure they are consistent with the following below:

  1. Recycling/Recycle worker processes at the following times: 00:30
  2. Performance/Shutdown worker processes after being idle for (time in minutes): check off and leave it at default of 20.
  3. Performance/Limit the kernel request queue (number of requestes): check off and leave default of 1000.
  4. Health/Enable pinging: check off and leave default of 30
  5. Health/Enable rapid fail protection: check off and leave failures and time period (time in minutes) to default of 5 each.