Creating PHM Queries with the Clinical Rules Editor

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This article will walk through the high level workflow of creating or editing queries within the Clinical Rules Editor for use with Population Health Management.


1. Login to Allscripts Enterprise EHR as an administrator.

2. From the TW Admin VTB menu, click on Pop Health Mgmt. This will display the Population Health workspace.

3. Click Create New Query or highlight an existing query and click Edit Query. Doing so will launch the Clinical Rules Editor workspace in a separate window.

The Clinical Rules Editor will allow you to do the following:
  • Specify or modify a query name
  • Specify or modify criteria to be included in a query

4. After naming and indicating which criteria to include in the query, click Save and Return. Doing so will close the Clinical Rules Editor and navigate back to the Pop Health Mgmt workspace in Allscripts Enterprise EHR. The following will display:

  • The new or modified population query displays in the Patient Population queries area.
  • The query description and criteria displays in the Query Description for Selected Population area.
  • In the Associated Action Sets area, you will see any Patient Action Sets defined for the selected query. If there are no Patient Action Sets defined, a message will display showing that there are no defined Patient Action Sets for the selected Patient Population Query.

5. Click Add New to add a new Patient Action Set. This will open the Add/Edit Patient Action Sets tab. You have the ability to define the following action types for the new Patient Action Set.

  • Patient Lists
  • Patient Communication
  • Reminders (Order, Medication and/or Text)
  • Tasks
  • File export (Excel)

Click Save Action Set. If you have defined a Patient List as part of the Patient Action Set, the pursuit list will be generated the next time the Population Query runs.

6. Click Add Existing to add an existing Patient Action Set to the Population Query that is currently selected. This will display all available Patient Action Sets. Choose the appropriate Patient Action Set and click Add. Repeat for any other desired Patient Action Sets and click Accept when finished. The grid will then be updated to reflect the Patient Action Set(s) added in the Associated Action Sets area.

  • The next time the population query runs, the pursuit list is created and sent to Enterprise EHR from the Clinical Rules Editor as a patient list. Patient Action Sets are automatically executed according to what has been pre-defined.
  • Patient Action Sets that have been setup to Replace Existing List can only be associated to a single population query. For this reason, it is recommended to set each Patient List to Replace Existing for each population query with an associated Patient Action Set. This will ensure that an accurate pursuit list will be generated each time.

7. Click Edit Action Set to edit an existing Patient Action Set as well as add it to a population query. Click Save Action Set.

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