Creating a Note Input Template

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1. Login to TWAdmin.

2. Select Note Admin from VTB.

3. Select Note Admin Tab from HTB.

4. Select NoteTemplates Tab.

5. Click Search.

WB NoteForm 1.png

6. The Note Template Selector will appear. Select “Results Verification Note”.

7. Click OK.

WB NoteForm 2.png

8. Under Sections, Click on “Letter Greeting”, then under Forms, click Add.

WB NoteForm 3.png

9. Check the box next to “Greetings” and click OK.

WB NoteForm 4.png

10. The form “Greetings” should appear in the form box.

WB NoteForm 5.png

11. Repeat these steps to add forms to each of the sections.

WB NoteForm 6.png