Custom Dragon voice commands

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In addition to being able to supplement Text Templates with voice recognition, Dragon users also have the ability to develop their own custom voice commands, or voice macros. This functionality allows a provider to associate pre-defined text or information with a particular word or phrase so that when that word or phrase is spoken or called in Dragon, the pre-defined output will be automatically inserted at the point where the cursor is currently active.

In some ways, this is no different than inserting a normal or pre-defined text template into the Note, but in some situations can save the provider a few clicks. This can be useful in situations where a provider would like to simply insert a full normal physical exam, pre-defined openings/greetings, standard sets of patient instructions, or any situation where there is information to be inserted that will not require any additional change or manual intervention.

To setup a new custom voice command in Dragon:

  1. Dragon Toolbar --> Tools --> Add New Command
  2. Enter a command Description. This will be the verbal trigger for the command; be sure it does not conflict with common grammar or it will be frequently inadvertently triggered.
  3. Enter the Content of the command. This is what will print on the screen when the command is called.
  4. Train the command. Click on the Train button before saving the command so that Dragon knows how it should sound when called.


  • Provider creates a custom command named “NormalPhysical1”.
  • When the provider triggers the command “NormalPhysical1” verbally the following is printed on the screen:

General: Appears alert, oriented and cooperative. Skin: Normal in appearance, texture, and temperature. HEENT: Scalp normal. Pupils equally round, 4 mm, reactive to light and accommodation, sclera and conjunctiva normal. Fundoscopic examination reveals normal vessels without hemorrhage. Tympanic membranes and external auditory canals normal. Nasal mucosa normal. Neck: Easily moveable without resistance, no abnormal adenopathy in the cervical or supraclavicular areas.