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Tips for Doing a Great Demo

Always have a script.

Practice the script for time and quality.

Practice in the environment and location of the demo, if possible.

Have someone you respect provide feedback on volume, pace, bad habits, etc.

Stick to the script and save audience questions for the end. Efforts to be flexible with the audience, though well intended, can often go astray.

Have a backup plan for connectivity, audio etc.

Use relevant content for the audience. Specialists will lose interest if using primary care scenarios. A little research into the specialty or practice will give credibility to you and your demo.

Use logical examples. Use items that are clinically compatible with age, gender, diagnosis and specialty.

Don't demo with a training mentality. You are not showing every click or bit of functionality. Concentrate on the items that will be important to the audience.

Save some time for questions.

Be sure to provide follow up answers to all questions that you have to look into; let the audience know that you will follow up.