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Additional Information Details Section

Detail 1

  • Display Name: Name that will display to the user.
  • Answer Data Type: The answer to the question can be in one of these formats - DateTime, Numeric, Picklist or Text.
  • Answer Picklist: If the Answer Data Type = Picklist, the desired picklist is indicated in this field.
  • Default Value: If an answer should default, indicate the specific default value here.

Detail 2

  • Answer Will Default: Indicate if answer will default and where it will default from.
  • This Question is: Indicate if the question is required or not required OR the desired the outcome if the question is not answered.
  • Exclude Question if Patient Sex is: Options are Female, Male or Unknown. Question will not be asked when it meets the desired exclusion criteria.

Detail 3

  • This section is used to create "if-then" scenarios for a given question. (e.g. If the answer is "yes" then ask additional specified questions.)