Dragon Recommendations

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• Some benefits of Voice Recognition (known as VR or Dragon) are the reduction in turnaround time in completion of documentation, and the significant reduction in transcription costs. Providers who use VR instead of a transcription service can save an estimated $16,000 per physician.


• Philips Speech Microphones work very well. Many organizations have these already for their dictation modules.

• Very effective for complex HPI sections.

• The Power Mics can actually store the user profile on the microphone.

• Take the time to do the training program.

• Backup your profile often to a thumb or shared drive. Profiles can become corrupt and starting over is a hassle for a user profile.

• Medical versions of dragon do very well with medical terms, it’s the shorter words (is, as, an…) that dragon scan struggle with.

• If the user complains that certain terms interfere with Enterprise EHR functionality, they can modify those terms in the Dragon menu, or speak into the dragon dictation application and push that text to Enterprise EHR. The accuracy through the Dragon dictation is slightly higher than dictating directly into a text box in Enterprise EHR.


• Sometimes text that is dictated shows up in a foreign language in Enterprise (such as Greek). Simply adding a text character and re-pushing that text to the note corrects this (v11.1.7).

• If Enterprise EHR crashes while using Dragon a profile can become corrupt. Be sure to backup your profile.