EPCS Considerations

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According to some clients EPCS works well for NEW Prescriptions, but there are still issues with renewals. Some considerations include:

  • Time it takes to get providers access. Generally, someone has to physically go to each provider and assist them with set up. This takes approximately 20-30 minutes
  • Will all providers participate or just some? If all are not participating this makes the renewal workflows more challenging in that only participating providers can approve renewals.
  • If an EPCS participating provider isnt available to do the renewal, then the script will likely need to be printed and hand signed. Who will be responsible for that piece of the workflow? Who will notify the patient so that he/she isnt expecting an eRenewal?
  • Renewing old meds such as Ambien and Zolpidem had been causing errors and computer freezing. The workaround was to Record DC or Complete the medication and then re-enter it as new, but this didnt apply to all old meds and its difficult for providers to remember when to apply the workaround.
  • Changing the Sig on Testosterone based medications had been causing errors at one point. The workaround was not to change it.
  • Authorize Order tasks were auto-completing when clinical staff attempted to Renew controlled substances on behalf of the EPCS enabled provider. This ultimately caused a problem for the providers in that they never see the task, which would sit in an unauthorized status. There was no fix for this as of October 2016.