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TW crashes whenever clicking the Open/Edit button from Chart Viewer (only on Citrix servers). No TW error is thrown, IE completely crashes as well without displaying a Microsoft error either.


Damaged/missing Active X controls on the Citrix server(s).


Terminal Services to the Citrix server(s) with the problem.

  • Click on Start->Run and enter 'cmd' to get to the DOS prompt -type 'change user /install' (without the 's) and hit enter. The system should respond saying 'User session is ready to install applications'
  • Go to Control Panel->Add Remove Programs and remove the TouchWorks Web Controls (if they are installed)
  • Click the 'Add New Programs' button and choose to add a program from CD-ROM or floppy disk.
  • This will open a dialog prompting you to insert an install disk, simply click the 'Next' button and then Browse for the TouchWorks Web Controls.msi file.
  • Click Next, accept any license agreements. Do a complete install if prompted and perform the install for the computer rather than just the current user.
  • Reboot the server after this install is complete
  • Click on Start->Run and enter ‘cmd’ to get to the DOS prompt -type 'change user /install' (without the 's) and hit enter. The system should respond saying 'User session is ready to install applications' -open IE and go to <web server name>/touchworks/allcontrols.htm (where <web server name> is replaced by either the IP address or computer name of the web server).
  • When prompted to download/install the TW RTF control click 'yes'.
  • When prompted to reboot the server click 'no'
  • When prompted to download/install the click 'yes'.
  • Click on the 'Check Controls' button when the allcontrols.htm page is displayed and ensure that all of the controls listed are installed.
  • Reboot the Citrix server
  • Open IE on the affected Citrix server(s) and verify that you are able to open documents (see Test section)
  • Repeat for all affected Citrix servers


Documents in the batch basket present with the error, "The document was acquired remotely and has not yet been delivered," when trying to delete or sort said documents.


This occurs when users have the Remote Scan option in their User Preferences (found in the Configure dropdown list) set to Citrix when they do not actually use Citrix Remote Scan.

Steps to Recreate

To recreate, change the User Preferences option for Remote Scan to Citrix from N/A, then import or scan documents into the batch basket.


To stop this from occurring again, change the user's User Preferences option for Remote Scan back to N/A. For documents exhibiting this error, find the DocumentID numbers by accessing the batch's properties by right clicking on the batch in question. Within SQL, find the DocumentID numbers in the BATCH_HEADER table and change the corresponding RemoteScan value from 1 to 0. This change will allow the documents to be removed.


Error is encountered while trying to install ADM (Scan) on the server

An error (-5006 : 0x80070002) has occurred while running the setup. Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications. If the error still occurs, please contact your vendor: AllScripts (##ID_STRING1##). Diagnosis The system needs to be put into install mode before running setup.exe


1. Open a command prompt

2. Type in "change user /install"

3. Run the ADM setup.exe again

4. Once install is complete, open a command prompt and type in "change user /execute"


Receiving error while running DBUpgrader when performing hotfix

    Run-time error '-2147217865 (80040e36)':"Invalid object name "Impact_AUDIT_000001.dbo.sysobjects'


This is caused because DBUpgrader checks the audit_databases table when running and there were entries in it that did not exist anymore: the client had dropped a number of audit tables.


Compare the list of audit db's in the audit_databases table to what is listed in SQL server. If the audit db does not exist in SQL then you should be fine to remove the entry from the table (back it up prior to doing so).


Error #: 2147220957 Recipient TaskBasket has no owner. This can also be used if task baskets seem to be linked to the wrong user in EEHR, even after matching usernames in scan and eehr proves unsuccessful.


The linking between Scan and TWEHR TaskBasket's are not configured properly.


Step 1: Check to make sure that the task basket has the correct user / any user assigned to it.

1. Log into scan with an administrative account.

2. Click on Configure

3. Click System Setup

4. Click Shared Task Baskets Setup

5. Select the TaskBasket from the list and then Edit

Confirm that the TaskBasket has the proper user assigned to it.

If the correct user is assigned to the task basket, try deleting the task basket and recreating it here linking the user to the new task basket

Step 2: If Step 1 did not work, then go and remove the task basket all together

1. Click Configure

2. Click System Setup

3. Click Shared Task Baskets Setup

4. Select the user's task basket and select delete

Step 3: Re-Add the TaskBasket from User Setup

1. Click Configure

2. Click System Security

3. Click Users

4. Select the user in question.

5. Click Edit

6. Under Tasking Information click the dropdown, the first option should be to add and link a new basket. If this is not the case then you need to make sure the TaskBasket has been removed (Step 2). If this worked, go on to test your connection.


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