Example of Scan Folders

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Scan Folders

  1. Notes (internal, non-electronic, scanned)
  2. Diagnostic (Lab, Path – all except Colonoscopy Path)
  3. Imaging (x-rays, DEXA, Ultrasound, CT, ESI* - Epidural Steroid Injection*, MRI, Mammography, Nuc Med, Carotid IMT, PET Scan)
  4. Cardiology (Consult notes, EKG, Stress Tests, Echo, Other Cardiology – ABI, Angiogram, Arterial Doppler, Holter monitor, etc.)
  5. Dermatology (Consult notes)
  6. Endocrine/Diabetes (Endocrine Consult, Diabetic Consult)
  7. GI (Consult notes, EGD, Colonoscopy Report and Path/Flex Sig, ERCP)
  8. GU/OB/GYN (Consults GU/OB/GYN, OB Visits)
  9. Hematology/Oncology (Consult notes)
  10. Infectious Disease (Consult notes)
  11. Nephrology (Consult notes)
  12. Neurology (Consult notes, EEG, EMG/NCS)
  13. Ophthal/ENT/Dental (Ophthal/Ent Consult notes, Dental documents)
  14. Ortho/Podiatry (Consult notes)
  15. Pain Management (Consult notes, Narcotic contracts, ESI* Pain Mgmt.)
  16. Allergy/Pulmonary/Asthma (Consult notes, PFT, sleep studies)
  17. Rheumatology (Consult notes)
  18. Surgery (Consult notes, Operative reports)
  19. Hospital (Admit H&P, D/C Summary, Neonatology, Other - pertinent data from hospital)
  20. PT/OT/ST/Hospice/Home Health (All notes from Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy, Hospice, and Home Health)
  21. Consent Forms (Various types & immunization detail)
  22. Child Development (Consult notes age range from 0-18)
  23. Psychiatry/Substance Abuse (Consult notes, Drug & Alcohol Rehab) – EXTRA SECURITY REQUIRED
  24. Administrative (Facesheet, Insurance Cards, Driver’s License, HIPAA, Release of Records, Authorizations, Advanced Directives, Living Wills, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), Power of Attorney (POA), Referrals, Other = Disability forms – FMLA paperwork, Medical leave, Death certificate, etc.)
  25. Clinical Archive ( Paper: Problem lists, Office progress notes, Flow sheets, Physicals, Health history form, Old immunization records, Outside records)
  26. Telephone notes (Includes on-call notes)
  27. Correspondence (Back to work/school, Certified letters, Patient dismissals, Recall notices, etc.)
  28. Clinical Research

Pre-op orders – Scan to appropriate specialty requesting the pre-op.

ESI - Epidural Steroid Injection – Scan to either the Imaging CT folder or the Pain Management folder depending on where the document is coming from.