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Galen Success Story: Metrolina CHC to Orchard Migration Success Story Posted by Kim Lockard in Allscripts Business Partners on Jul 16, 2013

Metrolina Nephrology has nine offices and forty-six providers; it is the most recognized and experienced nephrology group in the Charlotte, NC area. Metrolina pursued Galen’s help with migrating lab vendors from CHC lab to Orchard. The Orchard system is able to route orders to and send results from multiple vendors. This migration project involved 6 interfaces, an ADT interface, an orders interface, a results interface, a dictionary interface, an inbound orders interface and an inbound charges interface. The project utilized two requested performing locations, CHC and Orchard. Metrolina wished to keep their existing tasking, patient matching, and provider matching logic from their CHC interface.

The ADT interface provided the orchard system with patient demographic information. The ADT interface was a pass through interface from the PM interface to Orchard. This interface required a race translation table because the races in Orchard differed from the races in Metrolina’s PM system. It was necessary to do a bulk load of patient demographic information after the go-live date to get all the patient data loaded in Orchard. The inbound orders interface was utilized to change the status of the orders from active to in progress once the specimen was collected. Metrolina utilized the inbound orders interface to generate an electronic lab waiting list. When the status is changed to in progress the patient is removed from the waiting list.

The outbound order interface to Orchard was built from the existing CHC interface to insure that important logic was carried over. The outbound order message involved a custom vbscript with a SQL query to look up the scheduling location where the order was placed from. It was necessary for the scheduling location to be sent out in the outbound order message because Orchard needed to send it back in the inbound charge message. The RPL was sent out in OBR-18 so that Orchard could send back the correct RPL in the inbound charge message and the inbound result message. The inbound result interface was also built from the existing CHC interface and did not have any special customization other than the RPL mapping which is usually hard coded.

The inbound charge interface utilized the scheduling location that was originally sent out in the Allscripts order and sent back in the Orchard result. The patient type was used to determine the billing department and Orchard sent the place of service in the charge message.

The dictionary interface was set up to automatically add unit codes, and orderables and resultables. The dictionary utilizes a stored procedure to store the order data and result data into the appropriate works database tables and sync them to their correct RPL.