Go-Live Weekly Plan

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Day One

1. Introductions - Meet the users whom you'll be working and discuss objectives/options. Gets a sense of the best approach.

2. Complete Clinic Day One Checklist

3. Vet technical issues. Particularly Dragon issues.

4. Reassure users and adjust pace to meet users where they are.

5. Begin to work through individual checklists.

Day Two

1. Continue vetting technical issues (include Super Users when there is a training issue or workaround).

2. Begin/continue working through checklists.

3. Start to engage Super Users in some problem solving.

4. Give providers and clinical staff as much dedicated attention as they will allow.

5. Check-in with your assigned users at least twice daily and inquire about their experience so far. Offer assistance.

Day Three

1. By now you should have a good feel for users and their levels of engagement. This is a good day to assess your pace.

2. Work towards completing checklists today and tomorrow.

3. Continue to reassure, affirm progress, and check-in with users.

4. If users have free time and show interest, teach some additional skills.

5. Begin to more actively engage Super Users in problem solving when possible (e.g. if not busy, allow them to problem-solve).

Day Four

1. Prepare your assigned users by completing their checklists.

2. Negotiate the level of assistance your user wants/needs today (if checklist is complete).

3. By today, we should be reducing our immediate availability, i.e., not hovering as much.

Day Five

1. Review all checklists and documents for thoroughness and accuracy.

2. Make known our location and availability for questions.

3. Check-in frequently with users, but allow them space to user the EHR on their own.

4. Encourage users to utilize their Super Users and assist Super Users in this process.

5. Congratulate the team on their accomplishment and re-state the support hours.