Go Live Checklist for Clinics

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  1. Have all users been trained?
  2. Have all users logged into the Production system at least once to confirm they have the appropriate security, teams and views?
  3. Are provider schedules going to be cut back? If so, by how much and for how long? If not cutting back schedules, have clear expectations been set as to how many visits need to be done within the EHR on a daily basis and at what point will providers be expected to have full use?
  4. Has a list of Superusers and their roles been created?
  5. Has a list of Superuser responsibilities been distributed to all Superusers?
  6. Is there contact information for all Implementation Personnel?
  7. Has the chain of command for issue resolution during go-live been documented?
  8. How will change requests be handled during go-live? (Consider not making any unnecessary changes until at least 4 weeks post go-live to allow users to familiarize themselves with the system)
  9. Have all providers verified that they have default printers set up?
  10. Have all clinical staff verified that they have default printers set up?
  11. Is a copy of the organizations Down Time Policy readily available?
  12. Has all paper documentation been maintained in the event of downtime? Where is this located?
  13. Have all questions from providers and staff been addressed prior to go-live?
  14. Have patients been notified that an EHR implementation is planned and when/how that will impact them? (e.g. Signs at the front desk, recorded messages, letters to patients)
  15. If there are computers in the exam rooms, has anyone verified that they all have Allscripts installed on them?
  16. Will physician champions assist other physicians during go-live? What will those schedules look like?
  17. How will new clinic personnel be trained?
  18. Has a simulation event been completed?