HL7 Editors

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HL7 Editors offer interface developers, system analysts, or HL7 beginners the following advantages:

  • View, parse, edit, read and save HL7 messages
  • Search HL7 messages for specific data elements
  • Test conformance to an HL7- or user-defined message profile
  • Test and debug HL7 message exchange to and from healthcare applications
  • Test sample message data with healthcare applications

Vendor Comparison

The following chart offers a comparison of some of the HL7 editor vendors currently in the marketplace:

' View/Edit Send/Receive Save Search/Browse Validation & Conformance Checking Reporting Customizations (Z-Segments) Evaluation Copy/Period Per-unit Pricing Website
HL7 Spy X X X X X X 30 days $249 http://www.hl7spy.com/
7Edit Viewer View-only X X 30 days $99 http://www.7edit.com/
7Edit Professional X X X X X X 30 days $249 http://www.7edit.com/
Interface Explorer X X X X X X 45 days $295 http://www.laconic-designs.com/
CorePoint Health HL7 Analyzer X X X X X X X http://www.corepointhealth.com/products/hl7-analyzer/hl7-analyzer
QuickViewHL7 X X X Free http://quickviewhl7.sourceforge.net/
7Scan X X X X X 20 days $750 http://www.7scan.com/
XMLSpy X X X X 30 days $159 http://www.altova.com/solutions/hl7-tools.html