Hot Fixes - and making the decision to install them or not

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== Hot Fixes - and making the decision to install them or not ==

A Hot Fix is an adjustment to the code of the Enterprise EHR to resolve specific issues.

The process

The Hot Fix is announced and a Release Document is provided by Allscripts.

The Hot Fix Release Document may be found on Client Connect.

The Technical Team reviews the Hot Fix and determines if the client would benefit from it or not.

The client reviews the Hot Fix to determine if they would benefit from it or not.

Pre-Requisites for installing in Live Production Environment

Before any Hot Fix can be applied to a client's Live production environment it must be applied to their test environment and all workflows thoroughly and completely (re)tested including workflows not related to the hotfix.

Is it worth it?

Although all hot fixes should be considered, some are definitely more necessary than others.

If the Hot Fix will fix a client's Critical Issue – it’s worth it.

If the Hot Fix is necessary to fix a “Patient Safety” issue – it’s a must.

If the client is upgrading and has not yet started testing their v11 Test System – it’s worth it.

If the Hot Fix does not offer specific resolution to a client’s critical issue – it may not be worth it.

If the client has just finished testing their new v11 test System – it may not be worth it.

If the client does not have the resources to thoroughly test the test system after the Hot Fix has been applied – it may not be worth it.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it

This often applies to hot fixes, but not always. Although Hot Fixes are designed to resolve/fix specific issues, it is never a guarantee that the fix will not affect a module or feature not listed on the Hot Fix Release Document. This is why it is critical to re-test all client workflows before installing the hot fix onto the clients Live Production System.

New Active X and Web Controls

Please be aware that most often there are new web/Active X controls that will need to be installed.

Moving Forward with the Hot Fix

Once the decision is made to move forward with a Hot Fix:

The upgrade technician and client PM will schedule the installation.

The client will backup their v11 Test Server and notify the upgrade technician.

The upgrade technician will install the Hot Fix on the clients V11 Test System.

The client must perform complete and thorough testing of their new v11 environment.


If you are in the process of an upgrade, the Hot Fix will be installed on the Live system during Go-Live weekend so that the v11 Test and v11 Live Systems match.

If you are not in the process of an upgrade the client will work with Support to complete the Hot Fix process.