How-to: Add Orderables/Resultables to the Item Dictionary

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1. Login to EHR as an administrator
2. Navigate to TWAdmin > Dictionaries > Orderable Item
3. Highlight the appropriate category from the tree on the left
4. Click "add" at the bottom of the screen
5. Enter code, name and mnemonic (generally code and mnemonic will be the same)
6. Depending on the type of order being entered, different fields should be populated. At a minimum for every order type:

    • enter display name
    • click the "orderable" checkbox
    • select an option from the "orderable by" dropdown
    • ensure "OID mode" is set to "active"
    • enter any additional details for the specified order type

7. Save the new order. Note that the ability to attach a result will not be available until after the order has been saved

To create a new resultable item, do the following:
1. Navigate to TWAdmin>Dictionaries>Resultable item
2. Click "add" and enter code, name and mnemonic
3. From Detail 1 enter a display name and select a data type option
4. Save the result

To attach the result to an Orderable item, navigate back to the OID, locate the result to attach the order to, click the RID selector under the results section, search for the result and select it to attach