Importing an Outbound Interface

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  1. After importing, check to see if the superset source already in place points to the same DSN you will be using. If it does not use the same database, you can stop (as may be the case with a combined Test/Live server, or an interface server serving multiple EHRs or other applications).
  2. Open the mapping between your new source and target, and go to Edit > Copy. This will copy the current mapping.
  3. Change the source system to the old superset source, but leave your target system and message selected. Select the inbound message that matches the type of source message in the copied mapping.
  4. Go to Edit > Paste. This should paste the mapping in. Quickly scan the mapping for any 'Field order not found' errors, or other oddities. If the mapping looks OK, then click Save. If not, close and reopen, or manually map over.
  5. Repeat the copy and paste process for *every mapping* between your imported source and target. Make sure you get all orders (remember to click on the '...' to get a quick view of how many you have), and all target message types. Also remember to check for switches (click on the switches button at the bottom, and be sure to duplicate the Segment and Exception fields exactly as they appear on the original mapping).
  6. Deactivate your source system and test the new mappings by starting the target and sending test messages across the interface. Once you have confirmed the mappings were preserved and functioning correctly, you should delete the superset source system that you imported (be careful not to delete the original superset).