Incorrect syntax near '='

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This is an error that you may see in a ConnectR interface into Allscripts. The source of the error lies in the Mapping and/or Message Definition.

The error you see is:
Incorrect syntax near '=' - ConnectR error.jpg

Error occurred while filing (dDirect returned -1).
SQL State: 37000
Native Error 102
Error Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near '='.


  • Review a message that has this error.
  • Find any fields marked as "int" that have no value whatsoever.
    Incorrect syntax near '=' - ConnectR no value.jpg

  • Review the Mapping to ensure that any "int" fields have a value. The "default" value for many integers is zero.
  • Review the Message Definition to ensure that all fields marked as int, are in fact integers in the SQL Stored Procedure.
    • You can view the SQL data types in SQL Server Management Studio: Object Explorer -> Server -> Databases -> Works -> Programmability -> Stored Procedures -> [Stored Procedure Name, e.g. FileResult_CMS] -> Parameters.
      Incorrect syntax near '=' - SQL data type.jpg

    • Review this with the ConnectR Message Definition.
      Incorrect syntax near '=' - ConnectR wrong data type.jpg

  • Make any appropriate changes, and cycle the interfaces using the Mappings and Message Definitions.
    Incorrect syntax near '=' - ConnectR correct data type.jpg

  • If the issue still is not resolved, be sure to check the "Form" fields to ensure they contain valid values