Infobutton MG/CS 5.66, 6.07, 6.1

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To improve workflow and patient care the MEDITECH Infobutton allows Clinicians to launch URL-based clinical decision support and patient education materials from various points within a patient’s chart and at discharge. Subscription services are provided through many of the leading content vendors used with MEDITECH.

Treatment plan guidelines and patient-friendly visual aids are only one click away with the Infobutton. The Infobutton is certified for Meaningful Use.

A right click on the Infobutton located next to a term in the Problem List, Medication Panel, or Lab Panel screen will automatically send that clinical term and source information (problem, lab, medication) along with patient contextual information to UpToDate® . The search results are displayed in an UpToDate® results page, with continued access to all UpToDate® content.

Patient Education selected by the Infobutton can be tracked toward Meaningful Use by relaying patient content provided in the Patient Discharge packet. Additionally, the UpToDate® Patient Search Box can be integrated into the patient portal giving your patient’s access to UpToDate® Beyond the Basics patient education topics. Patient topics are evidence-based. The topics are created by the same physicians who author and review corresponding professional content to ensure that information is consistent for patients.