Keeping the Test and Live Environments in Sync

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Starting with the Copy Of Environment (COE) any changes made to the items below in live need to be replicated exactly in test. As the configuration of the new V11 system is completed there are attributes assigned to these items (ex. menus, pick-lists, clinical desktop views and other views are assigned to users). If the changes to these items are not mirrored in test, the attributes will not be assigned and will be missing after go-live. Please avoid changes to the OID or RID as these are difficult to reproduce exactly and can eat up precious time during Go-Live when the CMT tool cannot find a match and errors out.

  • Any New Users
  • Any changes to System or TWAdmin Preferences in V10 (or V11.1.x)
  • Any changes to the OID
  • Any changes to the RID
  • Any changes to HMPs

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