Known Issues List/Resolved Issues List/Release Notes (KIL/RIL)

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These are the documents to review:

1.KIL (Known Issues List)

2.RIL (Resolved Issues List)

3.Release Notes

Next Steps:

  1. These documents are not cumulative so clients will need to read the KIL, RIL, and Release Notes for each release between the current production release and the latest available.
  2. Clients will want to continue to check for new Service Packs or Hot Fixes
  3. If a new Service Packs or Hot Fix is released, review the new RIL to determine if any patient safety issues contained apply to your organization
  • For each HF, there will be a subsequent RIL, but AHS does not publish a KIL for each specific HF.
  1. Generally if clients are in the configuration phase it makes sense to just take the release since testing has not started yet.
  2. If clients have started testing and opt to take the release, a full regression test will need to be performed.

These documents are available on the SFDC Product Documentation tab

  1. Select Product -> Allscripts Enterprise EHR
  2. Select Release Name -> 11.2
  3. Select Documentation Type -> Release Notes