MEDITECH Clinical Content

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MEDITECH Clinical Content

FDB (First Databank)- FDB supplies MEDITECH customers with the dictionaries that define drug interactions and monograph information that are required for using MEDITECH's Pharmacy solution. FDB's drug monographs, available at the point of medication administration, offer valuable information about medications, facilitating clinician learning, and patient education. Medication orders are checked against the patients' active medication profile in MEDITECH, using the FDB drug knowledge database.

IMO (Intelligent Medical Objects)- IMO develops, manages, and licenses medical vocabularies and software applications that standardize medical terminology at healthcare organizations. IMO’s simple yet sophisticated terminology database includes over 260,000 terms expressing clinical intent, enabling EHR systems to become more clinician friendly, and resulting in higher physician utilization and satisfaction, as well as an accelerated revenue cycle. IMO also enables clinicians to find diagnoses and procedures in terms they are familiar with. This accelerates workflow, increases clinician satisfaction, and assures “first time right” billing. As e-measures replace abstracted measures, the need for reliable, standardized nomenclatures are becoming critical and will make the difference for institutions preparing to meet Meaningful Use and other quality measure mandates.

Medi-Span- integrates easily with MEDITECH's Pharmacy and RXM solutions to provide clinicians with a complete line of drug databases, including clinical decision support and disease suite modules. Medi-Span is part of Wolters Kluwer Health, and has provided comprehensive, accurate, and trusted drug information for more than 30 years to healthcare professionals worldwide.

ProVation Order Sets- powered by UpToDate Decision Support and MEDITECH, provides users with customizable, evidence-based electronic order sets. ProVation Order Sets streamline the delivery of standardized care for improved patient safety, outcomes, clinicial performance, and regulatory compliance, while helping clinicians meet Meaningful Use requirements and drive physician CPOE adoption. Only ProVation Order Sets offer dynamic integration with UpToDate, the evidence resource of choice for more than 700,000 clinicians worldwide. The ProVation Order Sets One-Click Updates feature streamlines order sets maintenance by notifying users of practice-changing evidence and allowing for fast, global deployment of changes to affected order sets.

Zynx Health- offers MEDITECH customers the ability to integrate over 950 evidence-based order sets--including order sets that are foundational to addressing the requirements in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)--with MEDITECH's Physician Care Manager and Emergency Department Management suites. Zynx Health order sets help hospitals adopt evidence-based practices by presenting national quality measures and clinical evidence in an actionable format. When evidence-based order sets are used in conjunction with MEDITECH's Provider Order Management solution, physicians are provided with the latest evidence, guidelines, reminders, and performance measures.