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  • ADM - Ambulatory Order Management
    • Prescription writing and management tool
    • Also referred to as RXM
    • Part of PCM, EDM, and PMP Suites
  • APR - Ambulatory Patient Record
    • On-line patient clinical record
  • CDS - Customer defined Screen.
    • Meditech allows customers to create custom screens that can update existing tables or new information.
    • Information in CDS screens needs to be kept out of scope (or at least managed) as this does require a custom query.
  • MAGIC - Text based version of MEDITECH.
  • Client Server - Windows based version of MEDITECH.
  • PCM - Physician Care Manager
    • Where physicians go to manage their workloads, review patients' results, manage orders, document care, and electronically sign documents
    • PCM I = Physician Desktop
    • PCM II = Physician Order Entry