Missing orders from PLAN section of note

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Provider placed order while working in the NAW. Order is in the PLAN for some period of time, but ultimately the order disappears from the PLAN.

A couple of things to keep in mind depending on version of EHR:

1. The note is in a state of flux unless sections are locked (V11.4.1) or unless auto-frozen (V11.4.1)

2. Chart updates made on a visit encounter may change what is in the note if the applicable sections had not previously been frozen.

  • An example of this is a lab ordered in the morning on a visit encounter will show up as ordered in the PLAN section of the note, but if the result posts before the note is signed final or before the PLAN section is locked then the order is reconciled with the result and thus now complete and potentially removed from the PLAN section of the note, appearing as though it had never been place (although it would still be visible from the clinical desktop under all orders.
  • Another example in V11.2, an order is placed for a point-of-care test and the order is resulted in clinic before the provider is done with the note. Depending on the result verification workflow used, once the result is verified the order may be completed and removed from the PLAN section of the note.


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