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Using optional text brackets in Note adds another element of flexibility to your template building process and approach. It is a good way to make a text template as all encompassing as possible without ending up with unnecessary or unaddressed information appearing in the note. Optional text will appear as italicized to the end user until it is interacted with. Not interacting with optional text at all and committing your changes to the note will not commit any of the italicized text to the note; hence optional text.

Example 1:
[ Bike helmet safety ]
[ Household hazards ]
[ Healthy dieting/snacking ]}}}

The Education/Discussion section will only show up in the Note if one or more options in brackets are selected. If Household Hazards was the only selection made by the user then the end result would be:

Household hazards

Example 2:
[ Cough ]
[ Wheezing ]
[ Headache ]
[ Fever ]
[ Rash ]}}}
{{{[ ]}}}

The Symptoms section will only appear in the note if I select one or more options. Note the placement of the standalone optional free text bracket at the bottom. If there is something additional to add not available in the list it can be done and is not dependent on what symptoms were/were not selected.

If Cough and Wheezing were my only selections, and I also added Abdominal Pain as an additional symptom the end result would be:

Abdominal Pain