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Output templates are seen by end users in chart viewer. Each note can have multiple associated output templates, a 1:many ratio. Noteform sections of the output templates can be independently configured so that data can be filtered to each output differently.

Output Template Properties

Document Type: Pulls from the document type dictionary.
Auto Freeze After No of Days: Entering a number will cause the note to lock after the specified number of days, preventing unintentional updates. The user will still be allowed to edit the note after it is locked, however amendments will show as such.

Note Attributes

Finalization Authority, Note Owner Authority, Security Codes and Prompt to Route for Signature all pull from the document type. It is very important to understand that these sections should not be changed at the output template level as the changes do not communicate back to the document type. Changes should only be made at the document type level. If changes are made at the output template level, the likelihood is that the changes will also need to be manually made on the input and on the document type.

Show Note Amendments: Check this option to show amendments on the note output. This applies after the output has been signed and finalized in most cases. To change the color or font of the amendment, click the Amendment Format button and make selection. Generally, amendments should "show" on the legal output. For secondary outputs, amendments can be left off, particularly when referring to consult and/or referral letters. In these situations, a clean version of the most recent output is what should be received by another treating provider.

Options under the "Create Task, Force Amendment If and Note Visibility" sections also pull from the document type and should not be changed at the output template level.


Shows the user that created/edited the document type and the date.

Carbon Copy

Lists the available recipients to carbon copy. To add a recipient to the output template, select one from the list and click "add" to the default recipient roles box. Note that when adding a recipient, if the recipient does not have a default cc method indicated on the user account, a Distribute Document to Recipient task type is created.