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Interventions are tasks or actions that are completed while providing care and performing assessments of patients. An Intervention must be added to the Worklist before it can be documented on. A user must be defined as a care provider in the PCS Care Provider Dictionary to be able to document on a patient.

Commonly Used Interventions

  • Physical Assessment
  • Braden Assessment
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • IV Start
  • Vital Signs
  • Urinary Catheter Insertion Assessment
  • Gastric Tube Insertion/Assessment
  • Intake and Output (I & O)
  • Wound Assessment

Types of Interventions


  • Single assessment attached to an Intervention (Blood Glucose)


  • Related Interventions that are associated together due to similarities for patient care
  • Displays with SET in the description


  • Multiple assessments associated to a single Intervention
  • Displays as one Intervention
  • Documented on applicable assessments from within the group

Adding Interventions to Your Worklist

Once Interventions are added to your Worklist you have the ability to document on them.

1. With the patient in context that you will be adding the Intervention to, click the PCS-Interventions Button.png button.

2. If the patient already has Interventions in your Worklist they will display.

3. Click the PCS-Add Intervention Button.png button to add more Interventions.

4. In the Search For field begin to type the name of the Intervention/Set/SOC , the system will display a list of choices

PCS-Add Intervention to List.png

5. Click in the box to the left of the Intervention(s) you wish to select. This will place a check mark PCS-checkmark.png next to the Intervention.

6. Click Add and Close if you have completed your selections, or Add and Continue if you need to select more. This will bring you to the Interventions screen with the added Interventions in magenta.

7. After reviewing your added Interventions, click Save.