Patient Portal Integration

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In this example the client is looking for the ability to integrate a patient portal with the Allscripts EHR. Essentially this will give the patient the ability to log into the portal, RelayHealth in this case, and send a message to their provider about whatever issue they are having. This message will in turn be fed back into the EHR via custom Galen integration and allow the provider to open the message and respond to the patient, which is then visible to the patient via the patient portal.

Messages are exchanged between the EHR and Patient Portal via a secure HL7 data interchange. The results are then processed via standard Allscripts stored procedures into the EHR. This integration adds a dynamic new piece of functionality to the EHR system in general, allowing patient and provider communication via the EHR.

Case Study - Polly's Pregnancy Results

Polly went in for a genetic test to discover the gender of her baby, she was told the results would be back within a week and it's been 7 days.

Polly's first step is to log into her patient portal, RelayHealth, and select Lab/Results under the messages tab.


Next Polly selects her provider she went to, Jeff Famton, the test she's inquiring about, a pregnancy test, and her comments to Jeff.


After Polly clicks send she receives a message letting her know that her message has been sent to Jeff.


The next time Jeff Famton logs into the EHR he now sees a new sign note task from Polly in the form of a RelayHealth message.


Jeff can also see this new note in the clinical desktop when he pulls Polly into patient context, highlighted in red under the chart viewer.
From here he can open the note and see Polly's message.
Jeff just happens to know that Polly's test results came in earlier in the day. All he has to do is click the RelayHealth button located on the dock of the chart viewer page, highlighted in red.


When Jeff clicks the RelayHealth button he is automatically logged into the RelayHealth portal and Polly's patient context is automatically brought up as well. All he has to do is click the message and type his response!


After Jeff clicks send he also receives a message letting him know his message was sent to Polly.


Once Jeff sends the message he automatically has a new message appended to the original message in his EHR so he can trace the flow of messages between Polly and himself within the EHR


From this point Polly will receive an email alerting her that Jeff has responded and that she can log in and view the message she's received from her provider.