Post Go Live Survey

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For those larger sites, who roll out the EHR by site or department. Below is a Post Go Live Survey you can utilize to help achieve a total quality implementation.

Post Go Live Survey

In order to improve upon future implementations please take a few minutes to complete the following questions: (For multiple choice questions, please circle your answer.)

1. Now that you have completed your Scan implementation and worked on the system, do you feel the training content and exercises you and your staff received was:

__More than Sufficient



Comments: ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

2.Please indicate areas you feel your site was prepared for the Scan implementation:

  • Prepared Staff
  • Knew what questions needed answers
  • Understood the ramifications of the decisions made
  • Had a full understanding of hardware and technical
  • Understood all of the policies outlined in the Scanning Policy
  • Received the following paperwork prior to Go Live: (list any and all paperwork you distributed)
  • Understood the workflow changes necessary for your site

3.Did you attend the Scan Kick Off Meeting for your department/site?

4.Did you attend the Scan Simulation held on site prior to Go Live?

5.Lessons Learned, please provide feedback on lessons you learned and would like to share with others during this process:





6. Go Live Support:

  • Were you notified of the support schedule?



  • Was the support staff onsite when scheduled?



  • Was the support staff able to get answers to your questions?



  • Was the support staff knowledgeable on the application?



  • Did you feel the go live status calls were helpful during Go Live?



8. How many status calls did you attend during Go Live?

__ 1

__ 2

__ 3

__ 4

__ 5+

9. What was the bulk of issues your site experienced?

  • Technical/Hardware

__ Hardware not set up properly

__ Lack of available ports

__ Other: __________________________________

  • User Log In Issues to

__ Allscripts

__ Scan

__ Domain

__ Citrix

  • Knowledge of the Application
  • Other: __________________________________________

10. Were your issues resolved in a timely manner? __ Yes __ No

Comments: _____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We value your input on how we can improve future implementations. Please provide any additional comments you feel will help this project continue to be successful:

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________ ________________________________ Name Department