Provider Schedule Reduction

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The approach that clients have found most successful is to:

  1. Not schedule new patients for the first day or two.
  2. Reduce schedules by 50% for the first week
  3. Have providers add to their schedules after the first 2 days based on their comfort level at that point.

The most important factors to consider are:

  1. Thoroughness of testing
  2. Amount of training attended and how comprehensively it covers actual workflow
  3. Super-users’ familiarity with v11

Other factors to consider:

  • How many patients the providers are scheduling each day currently and how close together…one every 15 minutes, every 30?
  • Are your practices more conservative schedulers?
  • How savvy are the providers you are upgrading currently in using v10?
  • Are they able to get everything documented in v10 now in a reasonable amount of time?
  • How different is it going to be from what they are actually doing now? If the staff is still the one putting in Problems, Meds, etc ..and the provider is basically using the system for Rx and to View patients then her world doesn’t change that much. She is still on the same visit documentation type of note…not yet on V11 Note. If the client is currently LIVE with Order in v10 and the provider is the one doing the Order entry, this is something to consider because this is significantly different in v11.