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Quality Reporting Compliance- QRC- Solution/Services Overview

Quality Reporting Compliance Solution offering is targeted to clients who are currently participating or considering to participate in PQRS, ACO measures or similar type programs related to quality improvement. Client who may have multiple PM/EHR systems are in the middle of merger/acquisitions and/or undergoing conversions with data from multiple sources and are looking for a single source report to see all the required data in a single report to report/file and remediate workflow/training/configuration based on findings.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Provide access to all affected client servers both Electronic Health Record (Clinical Database server) and Practice Management Server inclusive of full Admin rights to server, application and databases.
  • Provide server requirements required for Datamart and ETL set up/install based on required specifications per environment
  • Provide ten (10) selected measures being tracked for quality reporting program.
  • Provide current, existing documented workflows to support the ten (10) quality measures to be re-designed/configured.
  • Participate in decision-making for workflow/configuration re-defining options for ten (10) quality measures, including clinical leadership as appropriate.
  • Complete QRC assessment questionnaire.

Galen Deliverables:

  • Install and Implement- ETL from one (1) Electronic Health Record (EHR- Clinical Database and one (1) Practice Management (PM) system
  • Install and Implement- one (1) DataMart
  • Develop, Configure, and Implement Reporting Environment for ten (10) selected quality measures which includes
  • Measure Analysis and Scoring System- obtaining baseline data on clinical/administrative client data compared to quality measures metrics including numerator/denominator baselines
  • Reports on ten (10) quality measures for entire patient population by provider, patient, site/group, and organizational level
  • Pre-validated reports on ten (10) measures from data set of fifty (50) patients per measures with pass/fail report provided to the client
  • Complete a Gap Analysis/Remediation plan for ten (10) quality measures based on the QRC report

Timeline: 2-3 month engagement

  • Project timeline starts once all assigned Galen resources have access to the required environment as well as the technical environment set up completed as outlined in the Client Responsibility section.

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